A virtually run research lab hell-bent to touch lives with deep learning and bring research culture to India


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All our projects make use of popular libraries such as numpy, pandas, pyTorch to build custom deep models to achieve  the specifies goals. All these libraries are in python, make sure you have atleast intermediat level knowledge of this language

Probabillity and Stats

Intermediate level understanding of probability and stats. These branches of mathematics are used extensively in machine learning and deep learning. A fair understanding of these are a must to qualify for this internship

Love for Deep Learning

We at HiveMind are commited to build models that can be deployed and solve real world problems. We expect our interns to have the same level of energy as us. The love for deep learning is a must. You can learn everything else while working with us


HiveMind is a bootstrapped virtually run research lab that aims to bring like minded people together and do meaningful research in the field of deep learning and reinforcement learning while building products that can touch lives.

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